Transport Question: Just to clarify, transport is provided in the package however we need to pay for the parking and petrol cost, is that right?
ANS: No, as both petrol and parking costs are included in the pre-wedding package.

Location Question: What are the location options do i have?
ANS: Basically we can go to any location you desire. The most frequent locations are:

  1. Opera House + Harbour Bridge
  2. La Perouse Beach (Sunset)
  3. St Maries’ Cathedral + Hyde Park
  4. Queen Victoria Building
  5. Circular Quay

Dress Question: I am an oversea customer. How many days in advance do I need to arrive in Sydney for the gowns and suit preparation?
ANS: You can do Gowns and Suit preparation on the photo shooting day (half an hour earlier). Additional fee would apply if you want to arrange Gown or Makeup Trial before hands.

Dress Question: Will there be sizing issues?

  • Gowns – Our gowns are strap based which fits most of brides (40kg – 65kg).
  • Suits – Better bring own suits. Otherwise we have sizes fit 165cm – 180cm.

Dress Question: I was looking at the pictures in the gallery. Do you provide accessories to match the gowns?
ANS: Yes, we do. All the accessories in the photos are provided by us.

Makeup Question: Does the package time including makeup time? If so how long?
ANS: Yes, it usually takes about 2 hr – 2 hr 30 mins depends on the hair style you select.

Weather Question: What if the weather is bad on the scheduled the photo taking date? will the session be rescheduled to the next day?
ANS: For weather problem, we can always reschedule for free.

Extra Hour Question: What is the cost if we would like to book extra hour?
ANS: $220/hr