Contact information

Felicia Fan
Phone:0467 506 675
Studio address: Level 2 Suite 37/89-97 Jones St, Ultimo (by appointment only)

1. Select the Wedding Photo Package

A) Contact the studio manager for consultation online or in person.

B) Browse and decide the Wedding Photo Package

C) Confirm shooting date and put down deposit.

D) Sign photography agreement

E) Fill out the wedding day running sheet

[Reservation] Please book us at least three month in advance, especially for weekends and busy period (e.g. Summer). Please note that, we don’t secure your preferred photo shooting date until the deposit and agreement are received.

[Traffic and Parking] Company can supply the car for transportation but parking need to be arranged by customer on wedding day. All rights reserved.

2. Consultation with photographer

A) Make an appointment first to arrange this consultation

B) You may communicate with your photographer over the phone or in person

C) Please have the finalised wedding day running sheet on hand during the consultation

D) This consultation will be held around one month before your wedding day

3. Photo shooting day

A) FEE needs to be paid in full before the photo session starts

B) Our photographer(s) will follow the schedule on the wedding day running sheet, which customers have signed on consultation session

C) Extra hours charge may apply

4. Photo Sign off

A) We will provide online photo album (Low Resolution) for client to review the photos about 4 weeks after the photo session.

B) Once you are satisfied with the photos, you can sign off all photos. Full Size (High Definition) photos will be available for download or pick-up in person after we receive the Sign-off Form.

C) We will proceed into the photo retouch process (if needed) and album design process.

5. Photo retouch (if there is no requirement on photo retouch, please skip this step)

A) Send over the form with comments and file names of the photos

B) It takes about 4-8 weeks for the photo retouching process. We will share all photos with you via online album. The photo retouch mainly focus on the (1) Background and (2) Portrait.

[Background]: remove distractive objects from background.
[Portrait]: (1) soft skin, (2) remove wrinkles and (3) adjust the body figure if necessary.
[Things that Photoshop cannot do]
1. Teeth – the colour can be fixed, but not the shape.
2. Face – liquefy the face is not recommended.
3. Noise – The noise of the night shot is much higher than the day shots due to higher ISO, this cannot be fixed by postproduction.

6 Album Design and Deliver

A) Select the photos you like to put into the album

B) This process may take about 4-5 weeks, you can check and approve electronic album design online when it is ready

C) Make changes on your album design

D) Once the album design is finalised, the hardcopy will be posted to you within 6 weeks.

E) Free standard shipping would be provided to Australian addresses. Overseas shipping and express shipping fee may apply.

Please note that all estimated schedule in each step could be varied due to customer volume and the time we get customer’s approval in each stage.